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After distributing packages to Artifactory and getting them included in JCenter the final step is syncing them out to Maven-Central.

This guide is only intended for use when there are issues with package syncing that need to be manually resolved.
The Linux Foundation release automation should perform this step automatically by using the Bintray API.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to your Bintray repository
  2. Switch to the Old UI by clicking 'Go to Old Look' in the top navigation bar.

  3. Click on the package you'd like to sync.
  4. Ensure the package has been include in JCenter.
    There will be a 'JCenter' logo in the bottom right of the package detail view if the package has been included.
  5. Click on the 'Maven Central' tab in the package detail view.
  6. Ensure the 'Close and release repository when done' option is checked, and click 'Sync'

  7. If successful the Last Sync Status on right-hand side will display: "Successfully synced and closed repo."
  8. If unsuccessful, you'll need to resolve the issues stated in the Last Sync Status. These may be: 
    1. Missing Source Jars 
      Your package needs to include a sources.jar in order be included in Maven-Central. Recreate your package with sources, redistribute the package to Bintray, and attempt to sync again.
    2. Missing: no javadoc jar found in folder '<package path / version>', Dropping existing partial staging repository.
      Your package needs to include Javadocs in order be synced out to Maven Central. Add these, redistribute the package to Bintray, and run the sync again.
    3. Failed to promote repository: <repository name>. Server response: ... <msg>Unhandled: Staging repository is already transitioning: ...<\msg> ... Dropping existing partial staging repository.
      Only one package can be released at a time. Once the current one complete, or after waiting a couple of minutes, syncing the repository again should succeed.

    4. If there are other undocumented issues, retrying after a few minutes will generally be all that is needed to sync artifacts successfully.

      Repositories managed by The Linux Foundation should be pre-enabled to use Bintray's signing key for package uploads. If that is not the case another error message stating the package has not been signed will be displayed.
      If this happens please contact to get the repository reconfigured and redistribute your artifacts.