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I am a mentee from outside the U.S. When will I receive my stipend?

It may take up to 30 US business days for the funds to be processed via wire-transfer and released by a bank outside the United States. A business day means any day except any Saturday, any Sunday, or any day which is a federal legal holiday, or any day on which banking institutions are authorized or required by law or other governmental action to close.

I have submitted all prerequisite tasks. Why is my application still pending?

After you have marked all prerequisite tasks as 'Submitted' , the mentorship admin will be notified. Your application status as a whole will remain as "Pending" until the admin changes it to 'Accepted' or 'Declined'.

How do I upload proof of eligibility for the prerequisite task "Participation permission from school or employer"?

An upload is not necessary. By marking the prerequisite task as 'Submitted', you are certifying that you have permission from your school or employer to participate in the mentorship program.

I have graduated from an LFX Mentorship. Can I participate in another LFX Mentorship?

Per the eligibility rules listed on, you may not be a prior or an active participant in another Linux Foundation mentorship program.

How do I update my name in my Mentee profile?

Once created, it isn't possible to edit the name in your mentee profile on You can create a ticket for the support team to update the name to match your LFX profile at

Can I be accepted into more than one mentorship at the same time?

No, you may only participate in one LFX Mentorship. If you are selected for two different mentorships, the administrators of the mentorship will reach out to you for further discussion.

Can the LFX Mentorship be used for interning credit?

Once the admin of the mentorship marks a mentee as 'graduated', The LFX Platform provides an email confirming the mentee has graduated from the program. Any requests for certificates or letters should be directed toward the admin of the mentorship itself. If you have a question about whether a specific mentorship would satisfy an internship requirement, you should ask the admin of the mentorship. Contact details will be found on the mentorship project's card.


How can I be added as a mentor?

The mentorship administrator can invite you to become a mentor. They must use the same email address as the one in your mentor profile. If you've not yet created a mentor profile, you should use the same email in your profile you were invited with.

You can also apply to the project via your mentor profile. In the 'Mentorship Program Details' section, you can select the mentorship and the mentorship admin will be notified of your application.

How can I assign tasks to all mentees?

You can +Add Task to all ACCEPTED mentees, or you can select the mentees one by one. You cannot edit prerequisite tasks.

How can I see all of the mentees assigned to the project?

  1. Log into Mentorship
  2. Click on My Mentorships tab:

  3. Click on the name of the project (ie - Heather's Mentorship)
  4. It will bring up the next page where you will click the tab "Current Mentees":


  5. The mentees will be listed:



How can I add another administrator for my mentorship?

At this time, there can only be 1 administrator per mentorship.

How can I close out my completed term?

A mentorship term will close when there are no registrations pending and there are no current mentees. If you're having trouble closing a term, make sure that

  1. You have marked all applications you did not accept as 'declined'. 
  2. You have marked your accepted mentee as 'Graduated' after they complete the term.

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